June 27, 2008

I'm a Josh Hamilton Fan!

He's a hometown guy who played his high school ball in Raleigh, NC at Athens Drive, which is about an hour from my hometown of Rocky Mount. I've known how good he was since I was in 6th grade, having a friend whose brother played with Josh occasionally.

His story contains unequaled potential (He was drafted in 1999 ahead of Josh Beckett and Barry Zito), substance abuse, and hitting rock bottom. He credits the grace of God for his changed life and for his newly-found hope, with or without baseball. Read his story here and here.

June 16, 2008

BJU urged to cease "Standing Without Apology"

Several former students have launched a campaign of sorts for the purpose of persuading Bob Jones University to apologize publicly for racially insensitive comments made by past presidents and other institutional personnel. These students have created a Facebook group as well as launched Please-Reconcile.org to facilitate interaction between past and present BJU faculty/staff and students for the purpose of creating positive conversation and petitioning the school to apologize for its past comments and institutional stances of an offensive nature.

June 4, 2008

A Definite Cultural Paradigm Shift

Switched.com, by engadget, is reporting that women are now spending more on electronics than on shoes. Read here.

Granted, Apple costs more than Payless.

"It's the Last Victory a Christian Gains"

...so quoted Matthew Hoskinson, Pastor of Ministry Vision at Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC, at the outset of his AM sermon on 6.1.08. I hate to use superlatives, especially in describing things that are oft-produced or performed (books, sermons, songs, etc.). However, I can confidently say this was one of the most apt sermons to my life at the time it was preached. The sin to which he refers is the Fear of Man. His text was Proverbs 29:25.

Listen here.

It would also behoove you to listen to the PM sermon, where the Gospel was applied to the dogged struggle against the fear of man.

Explosion Causes Outages for 9,000 servers

There was a great explosion at the Planet, a data center in Houston, housing thousands of servers. (read article here) The explosion was said to have blown through 3 walls. Though no servers were reported to be physically damaged. So, needless to say, many companies were without service during the days that the Planet's power was down. The Worthwhile Company (where I work as a Web Strategist) housed a main server there. However, since all Worthwhile's servers are backed up here in Greenville (where our other main servers are housed), we were able to get our customers' sites back up in a timely fashion, while other companies' sites were left stranded on servers without power.

Just a plug. Make sure your company is Worthwhile! (Visit us at Worthwhile.com)