May 21, 2009

Summer Reading Projects

I was recently disturbed at my personal dearth of reading. I found myself thinking, "So, I'm preparing for seminary and future pastoral work, but I'm not reading much at all? That doesn't make sense."

I almost find an exclusive dichotomy of either reading Scripture or reading Christian living/Theology titles. Seldom have I read a good mixture of books simultaneously. I think I'm OCD enough that I want to finish something I've started, not start something else prior.

So, I'm changing it up this summer. My goal is to read from (1) Scripture (2) Theology (3) Christian Living and (4) Devotional. These are prioritized by amount of reading, but by importance of reading, though 3 and 4 are able to be swapped.

  1. Scripture -- Paul's Epistles (ESV Journaling Bible)
  2. Theology -- Polity (ed. Mark Dever)
  3. Christian Living -- Wordliness (ed. CJ Mahaney)
  4. Devotional -- The Bruised Reed (Richard Sibbes)
I'm also desiring to enlist the help of The Valley of Vision to aid my prayer life.

If you have recommendations or books you're reading, comment below. Where possible, I've provided links to Westminster Book Store, where I shop for all my books online. (Obviously, they don't sell Dever's book on Polity in Baptist History.)

May 4, 2009

Google Quote of the Day & Gospel response

The Google quote of the day comes from George Aiken. He states:

"If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon."

I was reminded (and encouraged) that the Gospel does not ignore or replace things (as in a simple swap). It eradicates them, putting into its place not only an acceptable thing, but the very best thing -- the way it was supposed to be.

The Gospel does not cause within us a desire to ignore race as a part of a person. It produces within us a love for the person of the race, embracing the diversity as a reminder that Jesus is the Savior of the world, that is, He came to save people from every nation on this earth.

This is an amazing fruit of the Gospel in the church.