August 19, 2009

Favre Talking Points

I was a closet Green Bay fan in high school, mainly because of some big-time Packer fans in my church. Granted, it was easy to pull for them, since they weren't rivals with America's Team -- that's right!

What intrigues me the most is that three teams took different approaches to Brett Favre, and I believe they would've have been mistaken to respond differently.

  1. Packers were criticized (as was Favre) for not letting Favre come back. I'm sure there are still some detractors that would say Favre would've won more games than Rodgers (6). What's interesting is that Aaron Rodgers QB stats (other than wins) were better than Favre's. The point is that, the Packers weren't going to win the NFC last season, with or without #4. They could be a Super Bowl team in 2-3 years. The Packers made a great move by parting with Favre. It couldn't have happened better for them.
  2. Jets are a bit more troublesome to parse apart. The only thing that makes them look foolish is the semi-successful season that Pennington had last year with the Dolphins. BUT the Jets knew that Pennington wouldn't get them to the next level. He's a 9-7 QB, at best. Granted, the Jets missed the playoffs last year. BUT the Jets are now free and clear of a franchise QB. They can begin again. There are times when nothing is better than a fresh start. They grabbed the QB in the draft whom they thought would be the next Montana or Favre. That's what you have to do as an NFL franchise.
  3. Vikings still have the jury out on them. However, these factors lead me to saying the Vikings made the best decision they could have:
  • Neither Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels would finish the season over 9-7. Guaranteed. The Vikings window for success in the NFL this go around is limited. Favre is twice the QB those other 2 guys are.
  • It's not about saying you aren't getting Favre, and then going back on it. It's about winning. If the Vikings start the season 5-1 or 6-2, Brad Childress will be considered the next Belicheck. Winning changes perception. Fast.
  • The Vikings made a great decision by giving themselves an option clause for Favre's 2nd year of his current contract. There will be some serious QB talent coming out of college next year. The Vikings are now in position to get one of them, whether Favre stays another year and trains that QB or not.
People get off track, because of the fact that the situation for none of the above teams was ideal. It's not like they chose Brett Favre over Matt Ryan. These 3 teams made good decisions with the hand with which they were dealt.