October 1, 2005

Unbiblical phrase of the week

If I've heard it once, i've heard it a thousand times: "It was almost as if God said to me... (you fill in the blank) I almost chuckle to myself because of the humor of this statement, yet it disappoints me to hear respected men of God say this. It often comes in the context of one's either being "called" to a place of ministry or the reminder of a familiar, yet forgotten truth. When this statement is made by a peer of mine who is unlearned in Theology, it easily pardoned. However, to hear this in a sermon just gives me fits. Maybe I'm too critical... (although, I think not)

Friends of mine, as well as myself often joke that the canon must have been re-opened if God is now speaking to man. I am dedicated to using terminology that is Biblical. I don't think it is too radical to ask that we measure our statements according to Scripture. It is time that we leave behind statements that have been passed down by well meaning men if they are not consistent with Biblical teaching. I heard a Biblical counselor, whom I respect highly, say, "If you were in a physical, one-on-one counseling session with God, He would not tell you anything different than what He has already revealed in His Word." God's Word is sufficient. He doesn't need to speak (audibly) to us today, and we need to realize this and eliminate these feeling-oriented, unbiblical phrases from our conversation.