September 16, 2006

Musings on Worship

In the last year, much of my reading has been associated with worship. I, in no way, would consider myself any sort of authority on worship, yet I do claim Biblical authority on what Scripture calls worship and on what it condemns as mere idolatry in the guise of worship. I was able to preach twice in the last 6 months on "The true nature of Biblical Worship" from John 4. It has probably been one of the most eye-opening, most applicable study I have ever done.

Quite possibly what bothers me most in this arena is when people think they are "worshiping," when in reality all they are doing is practicing unintentional idolatry. (If you wonder why I use the word idolatry, stay tuned!) From John 4, it is clear that worship is not a result of merely desiring to worship God. Expecting to worship God by merely "doing" worship activities is comparable to going to a baseball stadium and expecting to observe a game being played simply because YOU are there in attendance.

I do not accept the seemingly plausible criticism of others who would say that this is just a "particular hobby-horse of mine." Biblically, I cannot see worship in the same light as someone who prefers the "KJV position" or the "no pants on women" approach. From examples and commands in the OT and NT, I can deduce nothing else except, "My eternal purpose is to live in the worshipful fellowship of God."

(More articles and thoughts to come...)