October 26, 2007

The Ministry Crush Phenomenon

Crush, used as a noun, is defined as being "a brief, but intense infatuation for someone."

Some call this phenomenon "hero worship" in ministry circles, but this label seems inappropriate in some cases. Sometimes people are referred to as "[insert name]-ites." This name comes as a result of a person choosing to follow another person without reserve.

But, you see, a ministry crush is in no way this thing called "hero worship."

Recently, very recently, in fact, a fearsome foursome met (of which I am part) discussing a mutual ministry crush we have. We do not worship this pastor, author, etc., but we choose to identify with this man in the larger realm of Christianity.

I would like to think that that night this fearsome foursome coined the term "ministry crush."

Whereas hero worship involves an infatuation, a ministry crush (maybe even courtship - ministry courtship) is a brand of ministry discipleship.

I hope this articulate, exhaustive article liberates you to go out and use this new term liberally and unashamedly.

- Please do not take this article too seriously. It was written, in part, for the laughter of a few friends.