November 27, 2007

The Gospel and Personal Failure

You've probably said it after blowing it royally! You have no doubt shared it with a friend who was relaying his struggles of failure to you. It's one of those comments that offers at best an artificial hope, which is as disappointing as a cold cup of coffee.

The adage is "Nobody's perfect!"

True, after scoring an 99% on a test, you realize that you aren't going to achieve a perfect score in the class. True, you shouldn't be bummed out about that. But many times, this adage is carried over into spiritual and social arenas (I consider everything spiritual in some way, because people are eternal.).

I think many people are falsely comforted after sinning or failing to 'beat' a sin pattern when they realize that no one else is perfect either. Is this the Biblical model of hope?

The truth that "Nobody's perfect" must drive us to a greater reality, namely, that there was One who was perfect, and His righteousness is available! Romans 5 discusses two men opposite of one another. Adam plunged the human race into sin when he fell. (Nobody's perfect, right?!) But Jesus lived a perfect life of righteousness which is effective for all who will believe in Him. I Corinthians 15 speaks of "two Adams," the first in the garden who caused all to see death, but the second 'Adam' (Christ) who will raise the dead who have believed.

When I sin, my banner does not read 'Nobody's perfect.' It reads, "Hallelujah, what a Savior!" Take hope in the Gospel today and forever!