August 7, 2008

"Leaving (Green Bay) on a Jet Plane"

Get it while it's hot! From Green & Cheese to Gangrene. The Favre-Packers debacle is a story of moving on. Although I don't think the Packers handled this flawlessly, I do respect them (even though they waffled quite a bit) for choosing what is best for the franchise, both at the present and the future.

I'm an Atlanta Braves fan. In my opinion, the Braves sacrificed the future of their franchise to ride a dying wave of greatness that really peaked between 1996-1998, even though they won the World Series in 1995.

I think the same thing is true of Penn State Football. A relationship that could only be retold in terms of romance between a college powerhouse and her beloved coach -- Joe Paterno. He can still win, but it's games and not championships. Let's face it, not many people keep track of individual games. Joe's a great coach still, but he's done. The relationship needs to end.

The Packers chose to sever a dormant relationship, which became active again this summer. The truth is, this was hard on the fans, the Packers franchise, the players, the NFL and even on Favre. But in 15 years, I say the Green Bay Packers look back on this decision as invaluable.

Enjoy greatness while it lasts, but know when it's come and passed.