August 18, 2005

Displaying Faith or Fad?

The idea for this post was spawned by a link posted on a friend's blog referencing a current TV show episode that made Christianity the "thing to do." From t-shirts to "Be strong" bracelets, there is nothing that the culture produces that Christians, for the most part, (lest I stereotype!) don't embrace. As I have worked at a Christian camp this summer, I have seen every t-shirt known to man, it seems. I am pretty sure I never want to own a Napoloeon Dynamite or Nintendo shirt as a result of seeing kids wear them as if they are going out of style(which they will--thankfully). As I mentioned above, this t-shirt-crazed culture has been thoroughly embraced by the Christian movement of today. I have seen "Christian" t-shirts with designs from Austin Powers to Budweiser to Mountain Dew.
While I'm all for standing for Christ and sharing our faith, I'm not sure if we've hit the desired mark. Is it o.k. to communicate truth through the mode of worldly slogans and logos? I have actually seen a design with a Budweiser logo that said, "For all you do, His blood's for you." I am just not sure I can rally around that and support it. I've also seen an Austin Powers t-shirt with the words "Awesome Jesus" instead of Austin Powers. Is it ok to use worldly and wicked logos and ideas if we attatch the cross or a "Christian counter-idea" to them? I know what I think. I would push for Biblically evaluating the way we "wear" our faith. (even if we should 'wear' it at all)