November 17, 2005

What do I do with THIS?

Recently there was an excellent message preached in chapel at a 'certain' Bible college regarding the virgin birth of Christ. After carefully expositing Matthew 1 (the latter portion of the chapter) implications were given as to what that had to do with salvation. In the next days, I was discussing the sermon with some friends, and one of them said: "I thought it was a great message, but I just thought it lacked application."

I was amazed at the statement. Yet I think it represents a problem that is rampant. We have a major problem when our preaching is application-centered and not God-centered. To the above statement by my friend I would reply, "Your application is 'Praise God for what He has done to provide salvation for you.'" I don't think a sermon has to include a 'get out of your chair and perform this certain action' to be applicational.

If all we seek out of Scripture is rules for life, we are simply missing the point. We must preach God, His character and our response to it. But the key is His character. We must center our attention on Him, not us. OK, back to the aforementioned message. What a great privilege to worship God and praise His name because of His provision of our salvation. Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised!