August 11, 2006

Just Shut Up!!!

While working for a local Lawn Maintenance business, where I drove one of the trucks, I became a sports radio junkie....ESPNRadio. I have to say that my favorite was Mike and Mike in the morning. They have a feature that always made me laugh, sometimes uncontrollably, although I tried to subdue it for the sake of others. I don't know the frequency, but maybe once a week, they would award the phrase "Just Shut Up!" to the week's biggest idiot in the world of sports.

It's a great idea. Hey, if you want to stick your neck out and make an arrogant or idiotic comment, you deserve to have your head smacked with a log of the hardwood variety. I thought about what if we had a "Just Shut Up!" award inside of Christendom. OK, we'd call it, "Please Be Quiet." I realize that Just shut up is not very loving. But face it, there are people who need to be reprimanded publically for their obtrusive and ignorant comments.

I mean, basically, this goes on "unofficially." People make their "all-important" post or contribution as if it were inspired, only to have the next commenter give them the "online backslap." While I am being somewhat facetious about the "Just Shut Up!" (maybe), I do think a positive aspect of blogging is that people cannot get away with saying whatever they want to. There are people to keep them in check and call them on idiotic statements.

No application or "for instances" will be made on this post, although my mind bulges with examples.