January 14, 2006

Jeff Agoos Reincarnated

For those of you who don't know who Jeff Agoos is, he was a mainstay on the US men's team as well as a perennial contributor for several MLS teams. He was on 5 MLS Cup-winning teams, tops among MLS players. I've been watching soccer since 1999, and the memory that sticks out in my mind the most about Agoos is the 'amazing' own goal he scored against (for) Portugal in the 2002 World Cup. In addition to fouling a player in the penalty area, he lost his mark about as often as the whistle blew. OK, enough history. (click here for more...very humorous read)

This week, DC United defender Bobby Boswell was called into the US training camp because of an apparent dearth of defenders present. This is Boswell's first appearance in the US camp. This call-up follows a season in which Boswell scored 3 times. This is generally good for a defender, except for the fact that all three were OWN goals. Yes, Boswell is strikingly similar to Agoos. He has the distinct ability of nearly blowing big games. It would be tragic for Boswell to make it to the US camp. Just to cover my tracks in case he develops into a solid defender, I won't say he should never play for the US team, but just not this World Cup.

The ghost of Jeff Agoos looms large. I hope Germany's stadiums are spook-proof.