January 24, 2006

Must We Be a People of Extremes

There are always people on both sides of the issue. Yes, I will endeavor a trip into the well-travelled blog-world of "The End of The Spear." I tread cautiously, as well. I must say I was caught by surprise at the casting of someone of Chad Allen's caliber, or lack thereof. The 'extremes' in the title refer to the reactions I have seen by Christians. You have the 'militant group' who want to rectify the issue by having Allen kicked off the cast, or something like that. I'm not sure for what they are exactly pushing.

I made a trip into a Crossway book store today to buy a Bible for a friend I am trying to disciple. Sorry, I went for the Holman CSB. (But back to the real issue.) As I went to check out, I saw that above the register there was a "The End of Spear " display, stocked with t-shirts, posters, and the like. Once again, I am not surprised by this, but maybe a little bit dismayed. This scene always creates a rather painful chuckle on my insides. I almost find it funny how some Christians grasp at any and every thing labeled 'Christian' that comes out. Where is our discernment? I am not a militant, but certainly not an eager beaver either when it comes to promoting all this stuff.

I guess my two choices are before me: (1) Side with the militant group and condemn/boycott, or (2) side with the ambitious group and deem this the best thing since Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome.

Once again, I find myself in no man's land. I think I will start my own camp. Wait, I thought that was what I was trying to get away from...