January 2, 2006

Straight from the Flyleaf

I hope in the coming months to post some good lyrics on my blog. This is the first entry, but hopefully there will be many more to come. I hope that these will be edifying, but also useful in private worship of the Lord. Many times, after spending time in the Word, meditation on a song rich in theology and meaning can be helpful. This song written by Shane Barnard captures the struggle we as Christians fight our whole spiritual life. I've often heard, if a Christian does not struggle with sin, either he's not saved, or he has chosen not to fight (and we won't begin to discuss the problems there). I hope these lyrics will be a help.

"It haunts me so This gloomy weight
That comes and goes Without a trace
A thousand times my flesh embrace
A thousand more but if for grace

To see the Lord, the promise land
Where in sins pearly gates look bland
And what was once a pearl now sand
That blows away in light of Him

When battle lines become unclear
And the waging war is all I hear
Sustain me with Your voice
And the choice to walk in truth

That I might see this day
This waging war might go away
And be no more

That I might see His face
And hear Him say
"Son, welcome home
The war is over"

***Disclaimer: By posting these lyrics, I am taking full responsibility for their content, but I do not necessarily approve or condemn the genre of the music set to these words.***