February 1, 2006

Win a Free Ipod! (This is for real)

I'm sure all have heard of the "free" things you can get online. There are some gimmicks, I know! This offer is through the Gratis! network, and it has been approved by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). I am in the process of trying to earn one. I am a poor college student just trying to keep up with technology. (haha) Help a brotha out!

Seriously. You have to complete one offer. There are several offers which people would do anyway sometime in their life. For instance, there is an offer to join a CD club (Sony/BMG - now called Sound and Spirit). If you are looking to build your CD collection, this is a great way. I have also seen an offer for computer printer ink. All you had to do was buy one! Follow the link, and support my endeavor, and begin your's today.

Click Here