May 12, 2006

Local talent is the Best!

I don't know where your musical taste(s) dwell(s), but one a personal favorite of mine can be found somewhere in the acoustic guitar realm. A friend of mine(SG), who is an awesome guitarrist himself from Tennessee, informed me of a "Local" from the Chattanooga area. He does vocals and acoustic guitar, along with some piano. His name is Josh(ua) Bales. Check out his webpage. Available for listening are full tracks of a few selections from his two albums. As a neophyte guitarrist myself, I really appreciate "home-grown" talent, especially the solo type (basically meaning sans band). His "self-titled" work is on my top 5 "cd's-to-buy" list. If you visit the site and/or get a cd of him, leave a comment. I just thought i'd pass the word.