May 12, 2006

T-shirt Epiphany

Shazaam! ... You know what I mean?!? OK, I'll explain. Have you ever been somewhere and a great T-shirt idea comes into your mind. You quickly write it down, because the last time this happened, you swore you'd remember, but like every other time you forgot. I guess my T-shirt fetish is derived from two avenues: (1) I worked at a camp for a summer...unique t-shirts are a must! Having a duplicate "Tee" is to write the proverbial "L" on the forehead. (And no, Napoleon Dynamite t-shirts are not cool. They never were!) (2) I try to have a "style all my own." Not that everything of mine is original, but I'm not the "poser" type.

Anyway, I was in Greek class going through I John, when my teacher got off on a lexicon tangent, a necessary tangent however. The gist of his tirade (a bit strong, maybe) was to make the point that lexicons are not inspired; they may not always be right! Following this series of thoughts was a statement that caught my attention: "Lexicographers are people too!" This may mean nothing to you, because it didn't matter to anyone else in my class, which left me feeling like an idiot. Regardless, I really found that funny, as I thought of wearing a t-shirt bearing that inscription while in the mall, only to have all who would pass by stare, but without the care and/or courage to ask what a "Lexicographer" is. Maybe I'm just weird, but "intellectual" humor tickles my funny bone. Maybe that bone has been displaced.

- One day, i'll be ticked that I didn't design that tee-shirt myself and sell it...ok, so I'm a little ambitious.